Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week

It was brought to my attention at the beginning of the month that March 12-18 is Shakespeare Week.

It seems that it is celebrated in the UK, however, my household is particularly fond of the Bard. I met my husband doing Shakespeare in the Park. So, we decided to have fun for Shakespeare Week.

If you are a Shakespeare fan and would like to plan a celebration in his honor, or if you’re new to Shakespeare and would like to learn, I hope my post can be helpful. Let’s have some Shakesperian fun!

Looking for a fun way to enjoy Shakespeare Week? Looking for activities to do with you children, or ideas for a Shakespeare themed tea? I share many different ways to Create and Celebrate with Shakespeare.

A Sonnet

One of the first things I decided to do this week was film my husband reciting a sonnet. I am biased, but I love to hear him read Shakespeare! I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel.

Here it is for your viewing (and listening) enjoyment!


If I ever get to design and party based on Shakespeare or any of his works, I think I’ll encourage Christopher to perform – costume included!

Shakespeare Family Fun

Since the focus of Shakespeare Week is to encourage young children to encounter the Bard’s works, I thought it would be a great idea to do some activities with my daughter.

She is somewhat familiar with William Shakespeare (living in our household she would be!) She particularly likes to watch “Daddy’s Show” – a DVD recording of a 2009 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which my husband played Puck.

A few months back I ordered her this book:

Fun children's activities for Shakespeare Week!


She loves stickers and characters, so I thought this might be a fun book for her. I had put it away until I felt she was old enough to get enjoyment out of it. We brought it out this week and it was so much fun! I enjoyed it myself.

The book is full of vignettes from many of Shakespeare’s works with a description of what is happening at that moment in the play. There are removable stickers included so that you can dress each character. It really is a blast!

We started with Midsummer since Ruth is familiar with that story.


She really loved Titania’s dress and thought Bottom’s donkey head was quite funny.



In addition to clothing and accessory stickers, the book also included different quotes from the plays that we read together.




She was very proud of her accomplishment when we had used all the stickers.



Hamlet was picked next, as she was interested in the “ghosty.”

We went on to do several more pages. Ruth was so into it. It’s similar to paper dolls (which I loved as a youngster), but much less likely to be damaged. It’s great that the stickers are reusable. I can’t speak as to how long they will last, but would absolutely suggest finding this book!

We also needed a fun art project. Ruth enjoys painting, so we pulled out her watercolors and grabbed this print out from the Crayola website.



Tea Time

As always, I really wanted an event to celebrate – Shakespeare related. I love the idea of a Shakespeare Tea, so we went with that.

Wanting to host a Shakespeare themed event? Tea? A party? Here's a set up that will be put the "lit" in literature!


This set up was simple and I love it. The idea of a Shakespeare Tea Time is appealing. Both fun and relaxing!



I created this pen decor with an old ink pen and some book pages. Don’t worry, I used pages from an old textbook that was already falling apart – no classics had to die for this design!




This quote from As You Like It is perfect for entertaining, so I designed a print of it to go along with the other table decor. Masks are also a wonderful addition when honoring a playwright.



This notebook of various Shakespeare sonnets is something I have had for several years. I love the cover artwork!



Of course, the best way to decorate for any literature themed event is with books. I popped a flower on top to add some pizzaz.



Masks are not only great decor but also a fun photo op for your guests!


We had a fun week. I am going to plan and design a large event at some point with some of these elements as a starting point. Perhaps an anniversary celebration in the future? I mean, Shakespeare did make it possible for hubby and me to find one another.

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for William Shakespeare? Contact me and together we can create an awesome event!

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