An Affair to Remember Movie Night

February is "An Affair to Remember" Month, so we had a lovely night in enjoying some thematic food and watching the film. Click the link to find out more about our movie night!

An Affair to Remember

I recently learned that February is “An Affair to Remember” month, and I immediately knew I wanted to host a movie night.

An Affair to Rember -- A thematic movie night

“An Affair to Remember” is a Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr film from 1957. In the film, Nickie Ferrante (Grant) and  Terry McKay (Kerr) meet on an ocean liner on a trip from Europe to New York. They spend a great deal of time together and fall in love. There’s only one problem – they are both engaged to be married to someone else. Upon arrival to New York, they decide to meet in six months if they have both ended their relationships. They choose the Empire State Building as the location to reunite. Once the appointed date comes around, an unexpected event keeps Terry from being able to meet Nickie. We then follow both of them for the aftermath – will they be together in the end?

It’s a wonderful film, and I wanted to plan a lovely night to watch it and socialize. As an event planner, I knew I wanted to make it a thematic event. I just can’t stay away from creating and celebrating!

The Menu

I decided to begin the event at 6:00 pm, so I included dinner for my guests. The great thing about movie nights is that often the film itself is a great source of inspiration!

I took quotes from the film that related to food and built my menu from there. We enjoyed BLT Salad and Bouillabaisse. For dessert we had a delicious heart-shaped pink champagne cake (complete with the Empire State Building). All homemade!

In the kitchen, cooking up a storm!

An Affair to Remember movie night -- The Menu

The Set-Up and Decor

I knew I couldn’t just have dinner and a movie without some kind of decor. I can’t help it, the design gene is just to strong. I’m an event planner – I have to be a little extra when I host!

For the table, I used a lace cloth similar to the lace shawl a character in the movie gifts to Terry. In the center was a floral centerpiece and a candle that reads “Anchors Away” – a nod to the way the lovers meet in the film.

(I happened upon the candle at Dollar Tree just a couple of hours before the party!)

I used my gold chargers and red bowls and doilies for a hint at a formal romantic atmosphere. The paint brush napkins and the brushes next to the centerpiece are a nod to Nickie’s profession as a painter. The music printed cups are a reference to Terry, who is a musician.

Each place setting had a printed menu and bowls for both soup and salad. The cake was served on plates shaped as artist palettes.

I framed a movie poster print out and added another floral centerpiece next to it on the island with the cake.

We enjoyed our dinner then got cozy, with cake in hand, and took in the film. It was such a fun and relaxing evening. It won’t be the last time I host a thematic film viewing (not surprising, I’m sure!)

Champagne for the cake!



If you had a classic movie night, which film would you choose?




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