Invitations – How To Make Them Awesome

Invitations are obviously a vital part of any event. Guests need to know all the Ws about your get-together (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

Sometimes invitations are pushed aside and a decision is made at the last minute. Procrastination happens, and I realize invitation design may not be on the top of your list. But remember – this is going to be your guests first glance of what your event will look like.

Here are four aspects of picking invitations for any event. This will help you to come up with a wonderful way to welcome your guests!

The steps you should take to make sure you have awesome invitations. From choosing wording and design, to determining how you want them printed. Birthday Invitations || Party Invitations || Wedding Invitations || Save the Dates || Event Planning

1. Budget


I know, I know – always worrying about your budget is a bit of a bummer. It is important to determine how much of your event budget you can put towards your stationary. This determines where you will look and who you will contact for design services. It is said that while planning for a wedding to put aside 2-3% of your budget for invitations. It would be beneficial determine your guest list and compare prices from different vendors.

2. Wording

choosing your wording

Decide on what you want the invitation to say. Is this a more formal event? A child’s birthday party? Are you into a vintage vibe, or are you more laid back and modern? Lots of factors go into the wording on an invitation.

A formal wedding invitation will read like this:

Mr. and Mrs. George Banks

request the pleasure of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Anne Nina


Brian John MacKenzie

Saturday, the seventeenth of May

two thousand and nineteen

At six o’clock in the evening

The Banks Home

San Marino, California

Reception to follow

[Yes, I love Father of the Bride. How did you guess?]

A more simple and fun invitation might read:

We’re tying the knot!
Annie and Brian
invite you to
join their celebration of love, friendship, and commitment
Saturday, April twenty-first, 2018
at half past 4 o’clock in the afternoon
Annie’s Childhood Home
San Marino, California

Party to follow!

You can also keep it simple and use the following format for other events:

A Baby Shower for Annie!

Saturday, June 16th



There really are so many options! Make sure that the wording fits the event, as well as your own personality.

3. Design


The look of your invitation should match the theme and spirit of your event. Therefore, think about the color scheme, fonts that work well with your overall design, and amount of room for wording vs. graphics.

If your invitation is information-heavy, a more simple design style will work best. If your wording is short and to the point, adding a little more flourish might help. You can even add photos if the situation calls for it (an awesome option for wedding showers and children’s parties).

Make sure to search online for pre-made designs you might enjoy, and check out box stores as well. Sometimes you will find the perfect invitation already made for you! I also suggest talking to designers and requesting mock ups based around your event theme. Again, your invitation is the first part of the event your guests will see – you want it to look awesome.

4. Determine All Your Needs and Pick a Printing Method


In addition, there is more to think about than simply invitations: Do you need Save the Dates? An RSVP card? Matching Thank You notes? Figure out all the different pieces you need, and then look for the printing method you desire.

Of course, you can always print them yourself (this is what I did when I got married!)

my wedding invitation

Other options are local print shops and online retailers such as Shutterfly and Zazzle. Often if you work with a designer, printing is part of the package they offer. Decide what is important to you in regards to printing (paper type, engraving, letterpress, et cetera) and then make sure to price what options you think will work for you.


Most of all – have fun! You can get bogged down in the specifics of planning a great event, but really it is all about creating and celebrating with the people you love.

If you’d like more information or help, please check out the Design Services that we offer.


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