Wedding and Event Trends for 2018

I hit the ground running this year researching upcoming trends in my industry. I am very excited and wanted to share what I’ve learned.

Here is what we can look forward to in 2018:


Velvet is a popular choice for linens, giving a luxe and comfortable feel to any event. Texture and large floral prints will also be favorites.

We will see more mix and match when it comes to linens – keeping the same color family but differing patterns and textures. This is related to the common choice of bridesmaids wearing different dresses in the same color.

Graphic black-and-white linens and backdrops are also on the scene. Black and white are classic colors, and using graphic prints gives them a fun modern twist. Adding a pop of color will enhance these black and white events with popular colors for the year being “millennial” pink, ultra violet (Pantone color of the year), red (classic), and yellows and greens (earthy boho).

For formal events, it seems that navy is the new black. Many hosts are choosing to go with a deep dark navy as a neutral color in place of the traditional black. Another option for formal events will be gold and white together – a crisp and luxurious look.

In terms of décor, balloons are slowly becoming popular again, with the addition of glitter or confetti on the inside. Floral chandeliers and suspended lighting installations are huge. They add dramatic flair and keep the tables clear and lighted for intimate conversation.

Metallics mixed with earthy, natural elements will also be a popular choice, with a more woodsy vibe becoming the go-to for many events.

Unique venues and mixed-seating layouts will also be the norm, creating more intimate settings for conversation and relaxation.


The earthy style is also going to be seen in weddings this year. Couples are moving away from the country chic trend (burlap, barn venues, etc.) and are going with a more Modern Boho style. This is an outdoor woodsy style – mix and match candles, wooden décor, and lots of greenery. In fact, we are seeing many deciding to use just greenery within their arrangements as well as potted plants as aisle décor.

We expect to see wedding receptions outfitted with textured linens and colorful candles. I’ve already mentioned metallic elements being popular – with silver and chrome particularly being a favorite for weddings.

Another style that has been popular for the last year and looks to be a continuing trend is Vintage Glam. This is an inspired 20s-40s look – art deco and jazz playing a large roll.

You will also see many brides steering away from strict color palettes and opting for more of a story or a set mood.


For corporate events, we’re seeing a lean toward sustainability and no-waste. Digital invites, eco-friendly party supplies, and greenery that can be replanted after the event are just a few sustainable ideas.

Parties with a purpose (deemed “philanthro-parties) will be an ongoing theme. These are events where the focus will be on giving back. Check out this awesome book for more information and ideas.

As far as themes for social events like kids birthdays and showers – we know that 2017 was the Year of the Unicorn, and it seems that 2018 will be the year of the Mermaid!

With both a movie and a television series coming out about this fabulous mythical creature, we will definitely see this as an event theme.

Some other popular expected themes are spa parties, nostalgia driven events (the 90s are BIG right now), superheroes, Star Wars, and forest or woodland creatures

We’ll also be on the lookout for the un-theme, invoking more of a feeling or story rather than a particular theme.


There is one trend in food presentation that I’m excited about – vertical buffets! Lots of creativity is being shown in the different ways food is being presented. Think donut walls, shelving, and more!

Comfort foods and family style meals are becoming the norm – encouraging a focus on being cozy and fostering conversation.

We are also seeing a draw toward using locally-sourced produce and meats, and hosts presenting local flair to their guests. This will be especially popular for destination weddings, conferences, and any event with guests from out of town.

Mocktails (alcohol free cocktails) and both sparkling and still rosés are all the rage on the beverage side of things.

In regard to cake, both naked cakes (with fruit or flowers and greenery) and drip cakes are very popular.

I am really excited to jump into this year and design some great events!


  1. Susan Simpson says:

    I really like that you seem to have covered all the bases of popular wedding planning for 2018!

    1. ladyamanda says:

      I certainly did my best! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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