Unicorn 30th Birthday

Who doesn’t love unicorns! I’m happy to report that the birthday party I’ve been going on and on about was a blast! It was truly magical and majestic! A unicorn party would be a great theme for many different events – a child’s party, a bridal shower – you name it!

Majestic Unicorn 30th


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This sparkly backdrop with large flower wreath added some glitz to the food table. You can also see the lovely centerpiece I created from Dollar Tree elements to the left. Included is a photo from a cake smash shoot I did with the kids. (I will post a few of my favorite shots at the end of this post.)

I happened across this marquee DIY kit at the craft store a couple months ago, and I thought it would be a great addition! It is now has a new permanent location on my desk.


kiss 20s goodbye             candy pretzels

centerpiece        table    sushi

I just had to have sushi – one of my favorite foods!

We served sparkling lemonade and had colorful sugar ice (not pictured here.)

center drink table napkins lemonade

This little table was set up so that guests could write notes to the birthday girl! (Yes, that’s me.) We even included a little mailbox so they could “mail” them.

I set up the bulletin board with photos from my childhood up through the present, and a fun little graphic detailing a some information from the year I was born. (I’m particularly happy about the debut of 21 Jump Street.)

in 1987


Each dining table was set up with some sheets to come up with unicorn names (a graphic I shared in this post.), as well as selfie photo props and coloring pages from this hilarious coloring book:

Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth

unicorn namecoloring pagesunicorn centerpiece `


I was in love with this cake! Originally my plan was to order a cake from my favorite local bakery, but I ended up doing it myself. I spent almost all day the day before on this cake, but it was totally worth it! The magic was made complete with sparkler candles.

cake      candles



All in all, it was a great time!



Here are some of my favorite cake smash shots!


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