Gideon’s Mickey Mouse First Birthday

This weekend we celebrated a party I’ve been looking forward to – my son’s first birthday! I am excited to share this fun and simple event with you.


A Magical Mickey Mouse First Birthday Party - On a budget!

The Cake

I baked a three layer, six-inch chocolate cake with yellow buttercream icing. Who doesn’t LOVE a good buttercream?

The Mickey head and dots were made from black and redĀ Wilton Sugar Sheets. The cookie cutter I used for the Mickey Mouse head was purchased from this shop on Etsy.

Sugar Sheet Circles
The metal tips for piping icing were the perfect size to get my circles right.


I took care to figure out just the right placement.


Food Table

The Set-Up

The white bucket filled with ice and water bottles turned out pretty cute. And I’m proud of my waving Mickey centerpiece as well. The cups had white dots on them to mimic the buttons on Mickey’s pants (a bit hard to see in the photo.)


Food Table
The tablecloth turned out super cute! We enjoyed some pretzel rods, a tray of chicken nuggets, and some delicious chocolate chip cookies. The snack boxes I found at the Dollar Tree with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy on the sides were very cute.


I alternated yellow and red tablecloths, and set each place with plates and utensils to match the theme. The birthday boy had his own little Birthday Throne in the middle of the tables. (Complete with a high chair from the 90s, ha)


Here’s a close up of the prince on his throne enjoying his chicken nuggets.


Coloring Pages
The children each had a gift bag, and we set up a table with some coloring pages and crayons to pass the time.


ball pit
There was a ball pit set up for the littles to enjoy.


photo props
We had fun with some photo props I found on Etsy.


The bulletin board was filled with photos of the birthday boy, and the poster was designed by me.


Time Capsule
One of my favorite parts of the party was this box. We put together a time capsule with letters and gifts that Gideon will open on his 18th birthday.


Want More?

For a closer look, here’s the video I put together about the event:

And more photos:

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