Office Makeover Reveal!

Back in my post about current projects, I mentioned that I was beginning to work on my new home office.  It’s done! (Well, I’m sure I will work on it some more as time goes on, but for now it’s ready for use!)

I prettied it up for less than $20, and I wanted to share with you how I did it!

Dollar Tree!

My first stop was to take a trip to – where else- the Dollar Tree.  I specifically went hoping to find good office supplies and decor, and I ended up with a great haul.  I even posted a video to YouTube sharing what I found!


Here are the photos of my haul:


office supplies 1
A purple binder, a cute bumper sticker, book covers, and a dry erase board.



office supplies 2
The folders that said “Follow Your Dreams” were a bit of an impulse buy, but I came up with an idea for them. I then grabbed a cute silver frame, some push pins, decorative marbles, a candle, a glass, and a candle holder. I also found glitter paper – I didn’t have a set plan for it, but everyone needs glitter paper!



office decor
The cute glass came from the glassware section and I knew I needed some faux flowers. Flower arrangements are always a plus!   (I also grabbed some purple floral wire which I neglected to photograph with everything else.)


I had a few different ideas for the desk.  I wanted to re-cover the bottom part (as it was pretty well worn from lots of use) and give it a more cheerful appearance.

There was not much need for more office supplies; most of what I had just needed to be organized better.

I made a few changes to the decor ideas that I had come up with while shopping, but I think the final product is great!

The Results

follow your dreams
I used the frame and one of the folders (it came 2 to a pack) to create some inspirational framed art. I love the way this turned out and it was so simple to do.  I’m using the other folder for supplies – killing two birds with one stone!


flower arrangement
This was one of my favorite results. It’s just a simple arrangement, but it looks so pretty on the desk! Don’t you love the effect that the floral wire gives the vase?


The glass reads “It’s Time to Celebrate” – perfect for an event planner! It’s super glued to the candle holder and the marbles added a fun element. I poked some of the blue push pins into the candle to give it a whimsical look, and I really like how all of these pieces come together.


Ta – da! It’s so purple! I had more of the purple bookcover to use on the desk than I had originally thought. I love it! Purple is one of my favorite colors, as you may be able to tell. (The woman running the register quipped, “Someone likes purple, huh?”) The awesome “Livin’ the Dream” bumper sticker is hidden by my chair, but it is on the desk right in front of my laptop. I’m so happy about how this turned out!


desk 2
The dry erase board is attached to the door where I can easily make notes. And look at the space I have for my planner! Yay!


I am thrilled to finally have a place to focus and get some work done – in fact I’m writing this blog post at the desk RIGHT NOW.  I feel inspired and productive, and that’s a great feeling.

Now I have to do some shopping for upcoming events!  So many great things happening, and I look forward to sharing it all with you!




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