A Tale of Two Themes – July


A Tale of Two Themes - Party Theme Ideas For the Month -- Lady Amanda's Merrymaking -- Butterflies and Mermaids

Each month I’m going to make a post like this one titled A Tale of Two Themes, in which I give two party themes (Makes sense, doesn’t it?).  I will then share a few ideas for each theme regarding food to serve, design ideas, colors, etc.

It can help give you all a starting point for any future event, and it gets some creativity buzzing around in my noggin’.

For July, I’m going with Butterflies and Mermaids!



Monarch Butterfly Party Theme

Color Palette


Use orange tissue paper and black paint to craft Monarch butterfly suncatchers.

Face painting would also be fun! It’s a classic and well-loved activity at children’s events.

Butterfly Face Paint


Mimosas – made with Champagne or Ginger Ale.





Mermaid Party Theme


Color Palette


Mermaid Race – A little spin on the traditional sack race.  Tie-dye light colored pillow cases with teal, blue, and green.  Tape the sack around the kids’ waists and thighs with duct tap (or something similar).  This activity would be best for older children with supervision.

Seaweed Limbo – Cut a green or blue plastic tablecloth into strips, and tie them to a pole or stick to make “seaweed”.


Serve Spinach Artichoke Dip and call it “Seaweed Dip”.

Seaweed Dip

My Cool Blue Punch recipe would be a great addition as well!

I hope that this post inspires you!  Would you throw a Butterfly or Mermaid themed event?  I think I might be interested in throwing my daughter a Mermaid birthday party one year; and I would also love to put together a Monarch Butterfly Baby Shower or Brunch!

If you are interested in getting help coordinating an event, feel free to contact me.



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