Gilmore Girls Party

Gilmore Girls Party

If I said “Oy with the poodles already!” – would you know the origin of that phrase?  If so , we can definitely be friends!  If not, get yourself to your Netflix account and start streaming Gilmore Girls. Do it now!  You can read this post later – go!

I’ve been a fan of the show for a long time.  Sarcasm, fast-talking, and more pop-culture references than you can count.  I love all of the characters of Stars Hollow – how fun would it be to live in such a quaint little town?

I was very excited when my cousin decided on the theme for the upcoming LuLaRoe party she was hosting – GILMORE GIRLS! Our amazing consultant friends were also thrilled!

We started brainstorming immediately, and the end result was lots of fun!


I’m sure it will make sense to anyone who has seen the show that our first focus was food!  We came up with a menu that the Gilmores would be proud of and joked that we would need to go into training in order to “eat like a Gilmore”.  Our menu items were based on quotes from the show:

The Menu

The Mac ‘N Cheese and Cheese Fries were my personal favorites.  We added green food coloring and jalapeños to a family recipe to make the delicious  Mac ‘N Cheese!

Punch, Doughnuts, Cream Puffs, Chinese Food, Yellow Daisy Cupcakes, Cheese Fries, and…a poodle! Pop Tarts are on the other counter.
mac n cheese
Jalapeno Mac N Cheese


Decor was pretty easy – I ordered some Pink Poodles online, and printed out some fun graphics to post around the house.  I found a “No Cell Phones” sign to give a nod to Luke’s Diner, and a pdf of some adorable “Al’s Pancake World” mini Chinese food boxes, which made for cute gifts for the attendees.

I also created some photo props – I love designing these!

photo propsphoto propsphoto propsphoto props















Wendy brought out her inner Luke with flannel and a backwards cap.


We gave everyone a poodle and Al’s Pancake World box as a gift. There were candy boxes on the table – because it wasn’t enough with just food!


All in all, we had a blast talking, eating, and trying on clothes.  Originally we were going to binge the show, but we were just having too much fun together!



For you

Now, how about a free printable?  I put together a printable of the motto of the Life and Death Brigade – “In Omnia Paratus”.  It would be a great addition to your own Gilmore Girls viewing party!

Click to download!



Need help coming up with your own theme?  Check out this post for inspiration!



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