DIY Party Tip – Dollar Store Minnie Mouse Decor

Dollar Store Minnie Mouse Decor

We celebrated my daughter’s 3rd Birthday this weekend with a party at a local Pizza and Brewery Movie Theater.  We rented out the theater and ate pizza. It was fantastic!

We were able to bring our own DVD, and the birthday girl decided she wanted to watch the Disney movie “Brave”, her most recent favorite.


Later this year our family is taking a trip to Walt Disney World (!), so we decided this is the Year of Disney.  The decor theme we decided on for the pizza and cake portion of the party was Minnie Mouse.

I thought I’d share with you the inexpensive way I designed the party – almost everything came from the Dollar Tree!

Party Decor

For the tableware, I bought a pack of red plates (I really enjoy the look of square plates).  I wanted to nod to Minnie with some polka dots, so instead of going to a different store and paying more for plates that were already designed with a dot pattern, I just went to the office supplies and bought white label stickers to make them myself.

I also purchased black cups and napkins, red cutlery, and Minnie Mouse stickers. I decorated the cups with the stickers and wrapped each person’s plasticware with a napkin.

The straws were bought at a different box store, but they were in the “dollar section” and therefore didn’t cost any extra!

The mason jar I used to hold the straws I already had around the house – easy peasy!

The cute “Celebrate!” design that I wrapped around the napkin and cutlery was a printable I had found a little while ago here.  I love the result!

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

I also designed and put together this cute centerpiece.  I was inspired by topiaries.

This too was created by dollar store pieces.  I used a glass, black craft sand, red floral wire, red party tinsel, and styrofoam balls from the craft aisle.  The bow came from a headband my daughter had outgrown, and I used silver spray paint I had in storage on the styrofoam balls.  I like the way it turned out – the silver was a fun addition to the black, red, and white.

Minnie Mouse Photo Frame

I put together this frame with a piece of red posterboard, a piece of black posterboard, and print-outs of the bow and hands I searched online and printed.  The dots were made with extra printer paper.  I had the guests take photos with the frame and it was lots of fun.

(Sorry the photo is so dark, after the movie the party was moved into the Game Room, which didn’t have great lighting.)


You can still have a fun and cute event on a budget!  It’s totally possible!

Minnie Mouse Cake

I also thought I’d show a photo of the cake that I baked and decorated.  The ingredients for it were not purchased at the Dollar Tree; I just wanted to show it off.  Isn’t it cute?


All in all, a successful party if I do say so myself!






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