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How To: Finding Inspiration

I’m writing this blog post in the midst of praying and scheming and over-thinking.  I have dreamed about a party planning business and blog over and over again.

I’m still working on the  aspects of starting a business – but the blog will also be a big part of what I do.  I am officially launching it!

I will share party related posts, as well as crafts, recipes, and more!

Today I’m going to help you determine what theme or concept you want for your event!

Often, you will have some idea in your mind – a color scheme, an idea for drink flavors, a theme.  But even if you know a little bit about what you want, actually coming up with an entire party plan can be overwhelming.  How do you brainstorm ideas?

Here are a few tips I’ve put together:

Party Inspiration - Themes

1- As much as we’d all love a horse themed hoorah with actual pony rides and caviar served on golden platters, it isn’t always in the budget.  Many of my personal parties have been developed on practically no budget at all.  So, believe me when I tell you, first and foremost try to decide what you’ll be able to afford – or have guidelines for your spending at the very least.

2- Don’t feel like the creative type?  Just stick with a color!  I like purple and blue and think those colors look nice together.  Start there, and you have a beautiful, colorful event idea ready to go!

3- Ah, what an age we live in!  You can do an image search for “Baby Shower Ideas” and get about a zillion results (try it and see!). Doing research for party ideas can help you come up with things you may never have come up with on your own, or may inspire you to dream up something even better!

4- If you really have no clue where to begin, stick with the basics: What’s your favorite food?  Season?  Movie?  Animal?  Hobby? Start there and see what sounds like it would translate to a fun party idea!

5- “Adjacent Themes” are ideas that may be similar or complimentary to your main theme.  For example – you’d love to throw a Summer Flamingo Bash.  When you search for ideas, don’t just search for flamingos – look at pink party ideas, feathers, pineapples, and anything tropical!

6- Who is going to be celebrating with you?  See if any of your guests have fun ideas or preferences when it comes to merry-making.  Be careful – you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen, but if you need help with creative thinking – ask!

7- Still stumped? Contact me and I will help you come up with something fun!

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