How To: Finding Inspiration

I’m writing this blog post in the midst of praying and scheming and over-thinking.  I have dreamed of a party planning business and blog over and over again.

I’m still working on the aspects of starting a business – but the blog will also be a big part of what I do.  I am officially launching it!

I will share party related posts, as well as crafts, recipes, and more!

Today I’m going to help you determine what theme or concept you want for your event!

7 Ideas for your party! Do you want to have an awesome get-together, but you're not sure where to start in regards to theme? These seven tips can help you find inspiration to be a host boss!

Often, you will have some idea in your mind – a color scheme, an idea for drink flavors, a theme.  But even if you know a little bit about what you want, actually coming up with an entire party plan can be overwhelming.  How do you brainstorm ideas?

Here are a few tips I’ve put together:


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