International Carrot Day Party

International Carrot Day

April 4th is International Carrot Day -- Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this orange treat!

April 4th is International Carrot Day. I was unaware of this random holiday, but apparently, it was established in 2003 to spread knowledge about carrots.

What a great celebration idea! I’m going to share with you some carrot themed party ideas!

Color Palette

Color Palette for a Carrot Party


Carrot Stamping – Cut a carrot, carve out a design on the round part, and use it for stamping and painting. This would be particularly fun for a child’s party

Picking Carrots – If you happen to have a garden and grow carrots, inviting your guests into the garden to collect some for themselves.

basket of fresh vegetables


There are so many options for treating your guests! Carrots can be used a variety of ways!

If you want to focus more on the savory –

Carrot soup, glazed carrots, fresh cut veggies, roasted carrots, and carrot fries are all great options.

carrot soup - international carrot day

Do you have more of a sweet tooth? Carrot cake or carrot cupcakes are a personal favorite of mine.

carrot cake cupcake - carrot day

Carrot oatmeal cookies, carrot cake cheesecake, and carrot smoothies are some other sweet options.


So, what do you say? Are you up for a carrot party?


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