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National Floral Design Day takes place on February 28th each year. In honor of that, here is a list of 10 resources for floral design. ‎

Happy National Floral Design Day!

National Floral Design Day was created to celebrate the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston. I love that a day is set aside for this – my love of florals is well known among my family, friends, and clients.

In the spirit of Floral Design Day, here are some resources for anyone who has floral needs:

Free Resources

Floral Design Day Free Resources

  • First and foremost I’ll start with the Rittners website. They have an entire page on their website of free resources! From ebooks to photos and YouTube links. It is a great place to start if you’d like more information on floral art. Here is the link to check it out!
  • Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration, as well as tutorials and tips. This is particularly helpful for those of you who are DIYers.
  • Flower School on YouTube has a video library from the Floral Design Institute with demonstrations for bouquets, corsages, and more.

All of these are helpful if you are looking to get into floral design and want more information. If you are working on a budget for your wedding or event and are interested in DIY to save some money, do check them out! And, speaking of…

On a Budget

Floral Design Budget

  • If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’m a fan of Dollar Tree for certain decor and event purchases. When I’m in need of bouquets or centerpieces but don’t want to spend the money for actual fresh flowers, I will use silk flowers from the Dollar Tree. They aren’t always the highest quality, but you can still design something beautiful with them. Here are examples of floral pieces I have created with flowers and decor pieces from the Dollar Tree:
  •  If you’d like silk flowers of a bit more quality that may last longer, I would also suggest the craft store. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other similar retailers often have a large selection of flowers and floral design supplies.
  • One of my favorite resources for silk flowers is Afloral. Their silk flowers are incredibly gorgeous and so realistic. Many brides use Afloral’s flowers for their centerpieces and bouquets. The great thing is since the flowers are not real, you can keep your bouquet for posterity! In honor of Floral Design Day, they have a special of 15% orders over $75! I would suggest checking them out if you are in the market for some beautiful silk flowers.

Fresh Flowers

  • As lovely as silk can be, there is just something about fresh-cut, live flowers. Particularly if you enjoy the aroma. Sense of smell is connected to memory – if you have roses in your bouquet on your wedding day, it’s likely anytime you smell a rose in the future you will transport yourself back to that day. How awesome! If you have a small budget but still want real flowers, I suggest hitting up your local grocery store. When my cousin was married, she and I took a trip to the grocery store that morning and crafted the bouquets ourselves. They turned out really lovely!


  • Of course the traditional and popular way to put together florals for an event (especially a wedding) is to contact a local florist and meet with them to go over your desires, ideas, and budget. This blog post from the Wedding Lovely blog goes over how to find a florist and more.
  • The next resource is local to Western North Carolina only, but I would encourage you to search and see if there is a similar service near you! Lady Luck Flower Farm harvests a wide variety of flowers, and give you lots of options for your weddings and events. Their services range from offering full service wedding flowers, to letting you come pick your own. They also host workshops and events. This June they are hosting a DIY Bridal Bouquet workshop. I highly recommend them!

Last but not least…

Of course, Lady Amanda’s Merrymaking is here to help you with design, finding tools and supplies, and contacting vendors. Please contact me for more information!

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